Long time, no see

 Hey guys!

 As you may have noticed, there has been a serious lack of activity here. And instead of saying I´m sorry 500 times, I´ll just say it feels good to be back writing.
 So why did I take a break in the first place, if writing feels so good?
 Well, you may have also noticed, that the last few posts on here were in partnership with a brand. At first, I was incredibly excited that an actual BRAND wanted to work with me (and no offense to them at all, they were incredible), but after a few posts, I started feeling uninspired. I felt that it left me with not enough time to write about products, thoughts and latest obsessions of my own. So for now atleast, I´m sticking to just being me. No partnerships.

 I´m currently running on 0 sleep and way too many coffees. The kiddos have been ill and as a result, the older nuggets sleeping schedule has been f´ed. And I mean, totally f´ed. He went to sleep between 2-4 am and woke up way past noon. So this morning I made it my mission to wake him up at 7.30 and get him to playgroup. Success, and I feel way too good about myself for such a small thing. But it´s all about the small victories in life, ain´t it?

 I do have a couple way more interesting posts coming up for you (beauty gooodies! and a sneaky ASOS haul), but good things, they take time. I´m off to watch some tv, maybe flip a few flapjacks and enjoy and espresso in peace, while some of the world still sleeps.


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