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Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator / Gilded Honey

 Hey guys!
Not gonna lie.. Have taken quite the break from blogging. For no one reason to be honest, life is busy as always, but I´ve sort of just taken a step back to reflect on things and live moments, not document them, as silly as that may sound. It´s my favourite time of year - Summer has just begun, flowers are everywhere, the weather is warmer (let´s just not mention the fact that I am freezing right now and it´s a proper thunderstorm outside my window) and the kiddos can play outside. But I am back with a brand new post on a product I have previously mentioned on my blog - the Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator. I recieved this in a Look Fantastic Beauty Box a few months back now and while I was very smitten by it even when I first recieved it, I had no idea exactly how much I would be reaching for this. Hint: I reach for this a lot and I´ve been using it almost daily.

I have the shade "Gilded Honey", which is just this gorgeous warm toned illuminator. It does have a bit of glitter in it, but nothing overwhelming, which is something that I love about it and it makes you glow to the moon.

 Here is a picture of me wearing it and NO, I did not have to cake it on for this look. All it took was one brush stroke and I´m glowing. Could it get any better? Well yes, by caking it on, because in my world, a thing such as too much highlight does not exist.  
 The wear time of this is quite good too, I recently wore this on a night out and I did my make up about 9-ish.. I stayed out partying (many drinks were included and I don´t know about you, but I always mess my look up while drinking) until about 5 am and when I got home, my highlight was still there. Clearly not perfect anymore, but it was there. This in my mind is already pretty impressive.

 The one thing I don´t really like about it, is the packaging. The product itself looks beautiful, like a gelato swirl (duh), but the plastic see-through lid puts me off a little bit. If I would see this in a store next to a better packaged item, I would automatically gravitate towards the other one. But it´s the inside that matters, right! 

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