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 Hey guys!

Long time, no post. I know, I´ve been a little bad, haven´t I. But there is a reason for that - I got a full time job again (boo! All work no play makes Titiyo a dull girl!), but I´ll touch more on that in another post. Today, what I have for all you lovely people, is yet another wishlist.

I was recently contacted by this amazing company called Zaful and while browsing their website, I found so many amazing gems and I can´t wait to share them with you! I am showing you only 2 products, because I am leaving some of the discovering you for you too. I probably spent a good 2 hours on their website, swooning over all the nice things they have.


The first item I picked out was this gorgeous choker detail floral blouse. I imagine this would look so nice in the summer time with a tan. This could easily be paired with just about anything - it´s flowy, yet not too in your face, like a lot of the blouses are right now. I love a good bell sleeve, but sometimes it can be a little bit too much. This is just perfect in my opinion. Sign me up for anything floral, flowy and springy please!

The second item is this long sleeved choker t-shirt. I wouldn´t say I´m obsessed with the choker detail, but somehow both of these items have it. I love basic wardrobe staple pieces like this, this is  a perfect piece for layering. What I also really love about the simplicity of this, is that you can throw together a really simple outfit, this t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans or a pencil skirt and really play around with accessories - I´m thinking colorful, bright handbags, shoes and massive jewllery.

I hope you guys check ´em out, because I am in love with their website and know for sure, I am going to be placing an order with them real soon!


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