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Sillisponge review / THE NEW BEAUTY BLENDER?

 Hey guys!

Today, let´s talk about a product that got me super excited and super weirded out at the same time. Ofcourse I am talking about none other, than the Sillisponge. It´s basically a silicone makeup sponge and has been dubbed the new beauty blender. So does this thing really work?

It arrived to me in this beautiful gold, zip lock bag and it no longer resembled a breast implant to me, it started to actually look like a beauty product. My first thoughts when I took this out of the package were "how smooth!" and "how squishy!". This would be an amazing stress ball.. you know, just in case doing a winged liner look gets you all stressed.

So.. the most important part. Does it work?
I hate to say this.. but yes. I honestly, really wanted this to not work for some reason. I don´t know.. It just seems a bit too odd to me, but this gave me a perfect, almost airbrushed foundation application. No creasing, no lines, no problems.

The sponge is just so soft and smooth that it doesn´t give the foundation any room to crease at all and this is so easy work around your face. Another bonus is the fact that this does not waste any product whatsoever and it´s really easy to clean.

The downside? Well if we are getting really picky, then I am a little worried that some dirt may get caught under the little extra bit around the sponge, which would shorten the lifespan. I have used this 7 times for now, and so far so good, but I am really trying to find something to pick on, and this is the only thing so far..

And this is the finished look I created a few days ago using this sponge. Ahh-maaa-zzingg. I would totally recommend this to anyone. If you want to get your own, then you can just click on my link here.


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  1. Hmm, definitely will try it out. Your make up is beautiful, but it's not only about make up - you're stunning! ⚘