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Lookfantastic the Beauty Egg Collection / Easter Special

 This Easter has been very exciting for me. I´m not going to lie.. it´s all because of this beautiful beauty egg by Lookfantastic. Though it´s no longer available, I still decided to write a review on this, because I´m nosy and love to know what´s inside all of these limited editon boxes, I thought you might too.
Inside you will find 7 cult beauty favourites, worth over 200£ and costing only 60£. Sounds like a good deal. But was it really? Well, let´s see.

 The packaging was so cute, I was sold already. Anything gold makes my heart beat a little bit faster.

The products included were :
Filorga Optim-Eyes contour
This s an eye treatment you should use daily to fight puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. The texture of this feels very nice and lightweight, but when I first applied this, I felt very intense tingling around my eye area, so if you have extremely sensitive skin or you do not like that sensation, then this probably won´t be for you. I have not used this long enough to determine if this really helps with dark circles, but it did leave my eye area feeling moisturized and fresher. Overall, I do personally like this product, but I´m not 100% certain if it´s worth the price tag for me personally. I don´t really have much wrinkles in my eye area and the 15 ml version costs 34€.
From what I read online, Filorga is a brand that mostly focuses on creating anti-ageing products and they do not test on animals, which is something that I highly respect.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil primer 
Illamasqua is a brand that I have heard of before, but I have never tried anything from them. I mostly knew them for their bold use of colours and while I do admire that from afar, colours are not something I tend to go for daily in my make-up. I was very excited (and afraid) to try this primer, because.. well.. look at it:

It looks like just gel! It feels like just gel! I had so many questions. How is something this sticky going to help get my skin ready for make-up? I googled this product and the reviews were so mixed, so I decided there is no other way to find out, how and if this works, than to just put it on my face and see what happens. And honestly, this is the best primer I have ever used. The texture of this is so so weird and even a little offputting, but if you get a chance, do try this out. My foundation went on so quickly, smoothly and effortlessly, it stayed put for 10 hours without any touch ups and I could just go on about this so I´ll stop here.

ALGENIST Genius Ultimate Anti-Ageing Cream
As the name suggests, this is an intense anti-ageing cream fueled by bioactive ingredients and promises visible results in 10 days. It contains alguronic acid, plant collagen and microalgae oil to fight wrinkles, dullness, fine lines and loss of elasticity. This is suitable for all skin types, is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and non-comedonic. It´s also free of parabens, sulphates and synthetic dyes. All very good things, but how does it actually feel on the skin? Again, I can´t really speak for the anti-ageing effects, because I do have good skin in that sense and it did not cause any rashes, breakouts or nothing like that. It feels extremely nice on the skin. I applied this at 10 pm and over 12 hours later, my skin felt like I had just applied moisturizer - so it does do a very good job nourishing. Texture wise this is an incredibly rich, thick cream, so you don´t need a lot, which is good, since this is on the pricier side. The scent of this is also very nice, a very light, almost sunscreeny, but much nicer and more luxurious.

LAURA GELLER Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator 
We all know, I love a good glow. So this was something I was super excited to try out. I have not heard much about Laura Geller previously. Laura Geller is a woman, who started out as a make-up artist and then moved onto creating her own line of make up for real women. She launched her own brand over 20 years ago and everything from her line is cruelty free.
The illuminator itself is very nice. Highly pigmented, I was worried it´s going to be a bit too warm toned for me, but I could make it work for me. I love that this does not have huge chunks of glitter in it, which a lot of highlighters do. I can see this working beautifully on deeper skin tones as well and it would look amazing in the summertime with a tan.

Talika Eyebrow Liposourcils Ink
This is a rather interesting product. Not only is this something to do your brows with (like a regular pencil), but this is a treatment that should make your eyebrows grow. It´s supposed to give you a natural look easily, but sadly, I did not get on with this product too well.
The applicator of this is very strange, it´s almost like a felt tip marker, but the colour comes out very unevenly. It´s way too thick to mimick, how hairs would naturally grow, but not smooth/even enough to just cover up areas that would need covering. And when I swatched this on my hand, I noticed there is A LOT of bleeding.

The colour I got is in the shade "brown". I was worried that this is going to be too reddish for me, but it actually dries down to almost black and the colour change does not happen immedietaly. I´d say it takes a good half an hour to dry down completely and then it started almost crackling off, leaving little crusty bits all over my face. Not a good look. I will continue to try this out on days, where I won´t really have to leave the house much just to see if I notice any growth.

Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Body Wash
I´m officially an old lady, because I get way too excited for trying out new body washes. The scent of this is very nice, but nothing groundbreaking for me. But I do really love, how this makes my skin feel. I also really like the packaging of this. Something about it just makes it feel a bit fancy. 100 ml size of this was included in the box.

Philip Kingsley Geranium and Neroli Elasticizer
Again, a very interesting product for me. This is a hair treatment that you put on before shampooing your hair and you leave it on for 20 minutes, or overnight if you have very damaged hair. I have very damaged hair, but one of the reasons, why my hair is as damaged as it is, is because I am too lazy to deal with the damage, so I left it on for about 15-20 minutes. I´ll be honest, the package of this looks so gorgeous and the scent was just to die for, so I already thought that this is a bit too nice to be true and didn´t really expect much from this, but my hair felt so much nicer afterwards. Not as frizzy, much softer and the smell! It lasted even through shampooing! Love, love, love this.

Well loves, I guess this is it for todays post. I hope you enjoyed it! Are you going to be trying out any of these products? X

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  1. I want that highlighter and gel!!! They look amazing! Tfs!!

  2. This highlighter is amazing,I heard a lot about this unfortunately it's not available here in Mauritius :(