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Look Fantastic Beauty Box review / 03

It´s my favourite time of the month again! Another brilliant beauty box by Look Fantastic. This time I actually recieved my box quite a while ago, but I tried to use all these products several times, so I could give an even better opinion on every product.

Caudalie VineActiv 3-in-1 Moisturizer  is my one of my favourites from this box. This smells just incredible! So, so good. It´s a very nice light moisturizer, doesn´t leave you feeling greasy and sinks in rather quick. A winner in my book! The size was also very nice, 15 ml.

Skin Chemists 24 hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum. This is probably my favourite out of all the products. This serum leaves my skin feeling so nice and soft and that feeling lasts for a very long time. The texture of this serum is beyond lovely. It´s on the thinner side, so at first I thought to myself "there is no way in hell this thing will do anything", but I sure was wrong.  It has 3 main active ingredients - rose water, aloe vera and allantoin. The smell of this is incredible as well - very sweet, so if you´re not a lover of strong/sweet smells, this will not be for you. This was a full sized product.

pür Disappearing Act concealer in light.  This was one of the more dissapointing products for me personally. The consistency of this just doesn´t work well with my skin. It feels a bit heavy, doesn´t blend out too well (or maybe I just lack the skills, the world will never know) and the shade is a bit too yellow based for me. But then again, I am pale as a ghost.

St. Tropez Instant Tan Body Gloss.  Another product that didn´t really "wow" me in any way is this body gloss. Again, since I am pale as a ghost (and not the brightest crayon in the box) I didn´t really figure out, what can I do with this.. it left my skin way too shiny and almost made me look dirty in a weird glittery way? I will give this another go, when I have atleast some tan on (this will probably happen when I´m 50 years old). The feel of this wasn´t my favourite either, too sticky for my liking.

Starskin Eye Catcher Smoothing Second Skin Eye Mask.  This eye mask is enriched with coconut juice, chamomile and allantonin  to help reduce puffiness, dark circles and visibly reduce wrinkles. It did make me feel refreshed and left my eye area moisturized, so all in all, I don´t have anything bad to say about this product, but it´s not something I got hyped up about or would purchase again. That being said, it was a nice addition to this beauty box.

 Redken Heatcure Self-Heating Mask.  The product I was most sceptical about was this one, for several reasons. Firstly, we have all heard of the damage heat can do to our hair and now all of a sudden, it´s supposed to cure? Whaaat? And secondly, how on earth is this little packet going to actually heat itself up? As I started to open this sucker up, I was already planning the review in my head, going something along the lines of "total scam, don´t buy this, doesn´t work", but INSTANTLY I felt it starting to warm up and my curiosity grew. Am I going to be bald after this? Am I going to find a magic cure to my fried hair? With not much to lose as it is, I dived in. And this is one of the best masks I have ever used on my hair. 3 days after using this, my hair still feels so much smoother than it did before and I am in love. Priced at 25£ (currently 17.50£) it is a pricy mask, considering it´s only for one time use, but I whole heartedly recommend this. This made my fried, dead hair come to life for once.

Well, that´s it for this month´s beauty box! I know I am already super excited for next month.  Would you try any of these products, or if you have, what was your favourite? x

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