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Hey guys!

I have not been blogging as much as I would like to lately, but honestly, life has been so hectic. Klaus has been going to daycare for the past week and it has been amazing so far! Apart from the fact that he refuses to eat anything other than his favourites. But right now, me and him, are both ill. This is the first time in a really long time, that I have been seriously ill.. I have had the odd sniffles here and there, but this time? Sore throat, check, runny nose, check, massive headaches, that can not be cured by any amount of pizza, caffeine or paracetamol, check. I´m currently drinking green tea with honey, ginger and lemon.. this better work miracles.

Apart from all that, the smallest one is doing great as well. She is almost 4 months old now and is all in all a happy baby, but lately she has been teething quite bad. She also LOVES to sleep outside. At home, she sleeps for about 30 minutes (if that long), in the stroller, 3 hours. So really, I spend most of my days outside with these two. It´s so fascinating to watch them grow and develop interests. The smallest one didn´t even notice music, toys and her surroundings at first and now she notices everything. I can´t wait until she´s crawling and properly playing!

As for the future, I do have a few really exciting posts coming up. Both are reviews, one is going to be for a new product by L´oreal (psst: it´s really good!) and the other is going to be about Sillisponge, all the rave right now. But just to keep it real, right now, I don´t look glamorous at all and look a whole lot more like this :

I know this post wasn´t very informative, interesting or good quality content really, but honestly, I miss blogging so much, but since I´m ill and under such hectic schedules right now, this is the best I can give! X

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