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All about that denim


 My favourite human (that I haven´t created), Kadri, came over to my house yesterday for a movie and a good old chinwag. As women, we tend to discuss things like clothes and even though are tastes in fashon can be a bit different, the one thing we always agree on, is shopping for jeans is basically equivalent to suicide.
Finding jeans has always been hard for me. I am quite short (5 ft tall), wide on the hips, but my legs are on the skinny side rather than the big side. So what fits perfectly around my waist, is too long and baggy around the legs. But over time, I have found a few favourites and sadly, those favourites have always been something that I can´t get my hands on anymore. But I have picked out a few, so let´s see.

The first choice are these cropped skinny jeans from Mango. I chose these because cropped means it would be almost my normal length, if that makes sense, and I remember owning a pair of Mango jeans that were really comfortable. Priced at 36€, not too bad.
The next pair is a looser fit, boyfriend, from Topshop. I own a pair of Topshop maternity jeans, which are simply devine and I still wear them from time to time (shh.. don´t tell anyone, but they are just so comfortable!). The reason that I´m a bit afraid to order from Topshop is that their jeans are not the cheapest and I don´t really know my size for sure right now. But if I would live closer to an actual store, where I could try them on, I surely would be getting these.
The next pair is also from Topshop, so I won´t be getting these either for the same reasons, but I had to include them. Look at those beautiful embroided details! These are more expensive though, 80€. Which I would pay for a pair of jeans if I know for sure they fit perfectly and last.
And the last pair, my favourite pair, is from Ellos. A little fun fact about me: I used to work in a thrift store, and I got mostly all of my clothes from there. And one day, I found a perfect pair of jeans and they are these exact jeans. The fit is just.. beyond words perfect, comfortable, looks good and I love them to bits. The problem? Ellos doesn´t ship to Estonia. I am crying on the inside. But priced at just 40€ (currently on sale, 30€), they are an absolute steal and if you are in a country they ship to, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

That´s all from me today. Going to cozy up with a good old cup of Yorkshire Gold now and watch some Midsomer Murders. Yes, I am still obsessed.
Where do you normally get your jeans from and do you have any good recommendations for me?

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