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Wednesday wishing

 Today I am bringing you a wishlist that makes no sense at all. It makes perfect sense to me, but when I look at all these items together.. well not so much anymore. But that´s exactly why this is a blog post with text, not just a picture. I am here to explain myself and why I need want everything on this list.

 Let´s start off with this stunning top from River Island. I love the neckline, a little high but not too high and the sheer bits give it just enough of that subtle sexiness without being too much. I love the embroidered details as well. Total winner in my book.
 The army green maxi dress is also from River Island, oddly enough I don´t shop there too often, but this time quite a few items that didn´t make it on to this list caught my eye as well, so they seem to be killing it right now. I know this seems very summery, but I´m thinking you could get away with this in the spring time as well.. leather jacket on top maybe? We´ll see. Last few springs have been weirdly warm in Estonia, so I´m hoping maybe this one will be too.
 The red showstopping dress is from Boohoo, which again, I don´t shop at too often, but I saw this dress in someones haul (don´t remember who, sorry!) and I just had to look it up. This picture doesn´t show it too well, but it has a long slit which adds even more sexiness to an already sexy dress. I just love the wrap detailing! Bonus: it comes in 3 shades as well!
 I wouldn´t say that I´m a brand snob, but one brand that will always have a soft spot in my heart is Calvin Klein. I just love everything they make! And this sweatshirt just screams my name - it´s the ultimate classic in a gorgeous pale pink. Be still my beating heart...
 Another sweatshirt I fell head over heels in love with, is this grey one from Nike. I love the high neck of it and it just seems so snuggly warm. Would be perfect for taking the kids on walks on chillier summer mornings/evenings.. May have to snap this one up.
 And last, but by no means least, a cashmere cape from Burberry. Does anything in this world scream my name more than this item? Probably not. I am obsessed with capes, with Burberry and with cashmere. Can Father Christmas come early this year? Please?

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