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Sunday thoughts

 I don´t know many more hectic weeks like this one I can take before being sent off into a room with soft walls. But I´m guessing many more will come and I will be spending a lot of money on coffee.

This week started off very well. My best friend came over, the night was spent watching horror movies and drinking bubbly. I may have had just half a glass.. I´m getting old,  this isn´t a joke anymore.

The next day we had an idea to make a chocolate cake. An idea very pleasing to my soul, but very bad for my waistline. The cake was even better than it looks. I still get dreams about it.

We also went on strolls by the seaside. The weather was absolutely amazing. Chilly, but atleast the sun was out. So far it seems like any other week.. even better, because chocolate cake, sun and champagne are involved. But this is where it goes downhill. The bigger rugrat has been feeling poorly since last week, but this week, the smaller one got very ill as well and that´s why my posting schedule has been all over the place. I know this post wasn´t really too long or interesting, but I wanted to get ATLEAST something up. Hopefully this week will be better and normal posting should be back by Wednesday.

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