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 This week has been one of those please-be-over-already weeks. Full of ups and downs.

Monday started out pretty good. We are currently in the process of trying to get Klaus to kindergarten. Not easy with a child, who has my attitude. He is very afraid to try new things, for the longest time was terrified of other people and threw tantrums like no one else. But lately, he has been so-so good. We went to the playground, where he laughed and played with other children and my heart just melted.

On Tuesday, we set off again for a long walk along the seaside, where Klaus surprised me yet again. He walked such long distances and he actually remembers the roads, where we took him when he was still in his stroller. It´s the small things in life!
I was in such a bright, happy mood again and I guess I was a bit too excited by how well everything was going, that it triggered my insomnia, so on Tuesday night I got no sleep whatsoever.

By the morning of Wednesday, I was so angry with myself so for not sleeping, that I just decided to take the little one out on a early morning walk. The weather was just gorgeous and we had such a lovely time. Later on Wednesday, in the afternoon, we had our doctors appointment to see how the smaller one is growing (how well is she gaining weight and so on). Everything is perfect with her, she has gained a whole kg in 1 month and grew 2.5 cm taller. So everything was perfect up until this point. 

But after our doctors appointment, everything went downhill. The smaller one was up all night screaming which continued on the next day and her night time crying also woke up Klaus, so we had 2 very confused and sad babies on our hands. And I had to manage 48 hours awake. Not pleased with that at all. 

One thing that did make Wednesday evening a bit better, was seeing my good friend and her daughter and going on a walk with them, by the seaside ofcourse. Just look at this gorgeous sunset. It was even prettier in real life!

So thursday, was mostly spent trying to calm the crying little one and I did not get much done. Friday was trying to catch up on much needed sleep, but a pretty good day all around. The kids were back to normal and since it´s shrove Tuesday this month, I decided to try and make vastlakuklid (what we traditionally eat in Estonia on shrove Tuesday) myself. Came out pretty good, even if I say so myself!

On Saturday, this little nugget started to feel very poorly. So this weekend is going to be filled with trying to make him feel the best that we can. Tomorrow I´m going to cook some true comfort food, a good chilli and hopefully have a peaceful night in. I´m really sorry this weeks post have been delayed, all over the place etc etc, but I hope you understand that as a mom, kids always come first. 

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