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Sunday thoughts

 Another week has passed and to be honest, this has been a rather uneventful one. We´ve mostly been at home, have surely had way too much to eat and really really late mornings.

On Monday, I took the smaller rugrat out for a walk only to realize 15 minutes in that it´s way too cold to even function outside. I believe it was around -20 mark. I also wrote a blog post on how I will be posting from now on, which you can check out here - link.

On Tuesday, it was just as cold outside (if not even colder) so we stayed in all day. Looked through books, played with building blocks and cuddled in bed watching cartoons.

On Wednesday, I finally got my pink elephant in the mail. That may just be the weirdest sentence ever written, but I was so happy to finally get it. I bought it way back in November, but since it was coming from China and the Christmas period was inbetween, it took ages. It is the softest, most wonderful creature and bonus, it doubles as a pillow. Best money ever spent.

On Thursday I made some delicious cinnamon rolls and I also posted the recipe. In case you missed that, here´s the link to the post. They were amazing and gone way too soon. I don´t normally make yeast dough too often, I just find it a bit annoying to make, but this went so quickly and they were so easy to make. Highly recommend!

On Friday I had a bit of an identity crisis and I coloured my hair again. I had black hair for almost 10 years (8 I think) and this summer I decided to go blonde, which I had been thinking about for the longest time (years and years), but honestly I just found it hard to keep up with (my roots are pretty dark) and blonde just never felt quite right. So brown hair happened.

 This is the closest I could get to my natural hair colour with the supermarket hair dyes. But I do quite like the results, even if I say so myself. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like myself again!

I also made some brownies. Totally on a whim. I was craving something sweet, we had absolutely nothing in our house, so I searched for recipes and I came across one that required only cocoa powder and no actual chocolate. And I swear, these are the best brownies I have ever tasted in my life. And I have made them, without fail, every single night from Friday. It´s not just me that loves them, even the cranky husband loves them, who´s normally not a massive lover of sweets and cakes. I will post the recipe for them tomorrow.

Saturday flew by with me sleeping most of the day. The rugrats were unbelievably well-behaved, so I got to sleep for 12 hours (!!!!!). The time I was awake, was spent cuddling.

AND today, on Sunday, this little one turned 2 months old! Can´t believe she´s 2 months old already. Time really is going by too fast. Don´t grow up just yet..

What did you get up to this week? x

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