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Sunday thoughts

 Another week has passed. Where has the time gone again? Well let´s have a look.
 All in all, it has been a slow week. A really nice and slow week filled with cuddles by the 2 little ones, seaside strolls and just being homey. But at this time of year in Estonia, there really isn´t much to do outside. There isn´t even any snow, it´s just a mixture of ice and then rain the following day, add in ice cold wind. Lovely, isn´t it.

 My week started off in a tiger facemask making pancakes at 5 am. There just could have not been a better way to start a week off. I made super fluffy pancakes and served them up with some blueberries and maple syrup. Also, my soundtrack was Elvis. Badass, as I am.

  On Tuesday I was feeling some serious carb cravings. So the only thing that made sense to do was to order pizza. Just look at that amazing food porn. Oh I love food. We finished off the evening by watching the Trolls movie with the bigger rugrat. Such a cute film. Highly recommend.

 Wednesday morning I was up and at them bright and early, because I had a doctors appointment. Very exciting for me since this was my first time going out without the smaller rugrat. I felt human again! Like a very nervous mess of a human, but still. I even did my make-up!

Foundation: Rimmel Wake Me Up in the shade "light porcelain"
Eyeshadow: Sleek i-Divine palette in Au Naturel, shades used taupe, moss, mineral earth
Mascara: YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils
Bronzer: Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Highlighter: Mary-Lou-Manizer by the Balm 
Blush: Nars in the shade "Desire"
Lipstick: YSL Rogue Volupte 

 After my doctors appointment I decided to take the smaller rugrat out for a seaside stroll and quick trip to the store as per usual. I love living close to the seaside.

 On Thursday, we spent the majority of the day in bed. Everyone had a sleepy day, even the rugrats. So I enjoyed it as much as I could and snuggled up next to this one.

 After much needed nap time, me and the bigger rugrat got out our colouring books and coloured away. I love how much interest he shows towards being creative - some of his favourite past time is either drawing or colouring, with crayons and coloured pencils and felt tip markers.

 On Friday, I decided that the only thing that makes sense with this kind of cold weather, is some good homemade chicken soup. So I got chopping. I always make the stock from scratch, which is a bit time consuming but makes a world of difference.

 And in the evening, it was movie night with this one. Watching Midsomer Murders, I am obsessed. Yes, I am 60. I just can´t help myself, my love for that show is endless and I love John Nettles.

 On Saturday we took the rugrats out for a 3 hour walk. 3 hours just flew by completely unnoticed and I love how good they both behaved. Especially the smaller one, since her eating schedule is still very uncertain. After we got home, I cooked a roast dinner and the rest of the evening was spent playing with the rugrats. I was also trying out some nail art ideas for Valentines Day. I´m pretty pleased with myself, I do really suck at nail art, but this came out cute!

 Sunday is going to be a very relaxed day. The boys are off to see grandma, which leaves me home alone with the smaller one. I can´t say I´m not excited! I´m going to cook a quiche for dinner and hopefully some chocolate cake since I´ve been craving one so bad. I´ll let you guys know how those things end up going and if I discover a magical recipe or not. Until then, stay tuned and I hope you all had a lovely week!

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