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Recipe: Cinnamon buns

 When life finally decides to be nice and go my way for once (meaning: I actually have time to sleep for once), my insomnia decides to kick in and I end up doing something completely random. So right now, as the clock is ticking half past 3 am, I have just finished making cinnamon buns and that´s what this blog post is going to be all about.
 There are a few things in life I cherish more than the 15 minutes of alone time in the morning after waking up - I like to have my headphones in (mostly blasting gangsta rap to get me ready for the day), hot cup of coffee in hand and no communication with other humans. The only thing that could make that scenario even better is a homemade cinnamon bun. A very simple and realistic dream, but the reality is that I am lazy. Very lazy when it comes to making any recipe that requires cleaning up flour from my work space. But the end result is all worth it.

 For this recipe, you will need: 

50 g fresh yeast
0.5 dl warm water (about 1.75 fl. oz)
100 g melted butter
3 dl warm milk (about 10.55 fl. oz.)
0.5 tsp salt
85 g sugar
1 tsp cardamom
600-650 g plain flour

For the filling:
100 g melted butter
85 g sugar
0.5 tbsp cinnamon

 Melt the yeast with the warm water. In a separate bowl mix melted butter with warm milk and add to the yeast. Add in salt, sugar and cardamom. Begin slowly adding flour and forming the dough. Cover with towel and forget it into a warm room for an hour. You know it´s done when it has doubled in size. 
 For the filling, simply mix all 3 ingredients together.
 After that, make 3 separate balls of dough and begin rolling them out to a square shape. Cover the square-dough with filling and roll it up. Cut into thinner slices, about 7-10. Cover the pan in parchment paper, place slices on there and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes at about 225 degrees celcius or 437 fahrenheit.

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