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Posting schedule - update!

Hello lovelies!

I have thought so much lately about blogging. Schedules, content, how to keep it new and interesting and how to keep loving it as much as I do now. And the answer for me, I think, is to let go off a clear schedule. I tried to post every monday, wednesday, thursday, friday and sunday and frankly, that is just too much to keep up with at the moment.
I have so much love for writing and creating my own little place on the internet and I have already met so many wonderful people through this, so I really want to keep this wonderful and happy, for me and for you. Because happy creator, means happy reader.
I hope you understand! I will always let you know through social media whenever I have a new post up or you can simply follow me via bloglovin to always be updated.

I do have a few very exciting posts coming up, but the photos and the editing does take time and time is something I am always short of.


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