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Just another magic monday / Blog UPDATE

 I´m starting this week off by letting you guys know what up and coming. First of all, I feel incredibly lucky to tell you that I have teamed up with 3 different brands to bring you amazing, new and interesting content. There´s something for everyone - 1 post is going to be about a new beauty product, 1 about a book and 1 about a home interior item. So stay tuned for those!

 I´m also going to schedule my posts a bit. And this is what I´m thinking for now :

 Wednesday Wishing : 
Every wednesday I will post my weekly wishlist and show you all my amazing finds.

 Friday Favourites : 
Weekly favourites brought to you every friday!

 Sunday Thoughts :
A post all about what I got up to weekly.

And on Mondays and Thursday it´s going to be a brand sparkly new post that doesn´t fit into any of these categories! I really hope that this schedule works out, but it´s so difficult to plan anything with kids. But I´ll give it a go and I´m also open to your wishes and ideas, so let me know if there´s something you would love to read my take on!

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