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January favourites

 I thought long and hard about whether I should even attempt to write this post for 2 reasons. Well first of all, the picture quality .. well, there is no quality, but you still get the general idea and the second reason being that I don´t really switch products up that much anymore. I have found the items that I like and I continue to use them. I´m very loyal, you see. But then I thought, it´s the first month of the year and even if I don´t make them monthly, the first one is the most important. So here´s what I have been using and loving this month.

Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palette in Au Naturel
This is hands down, one of the best eyeshadow palettes for the cost. The shadows are beautifully pigmented, blend well and feel buttery soft. They do have quite a bit of fallout, but that´s not a major issue for me. I do own all the UD Naked palettes, The Balm palettes and even the first Lorac Pro, but often times I find myself reaching for this instead. My favourite shade is "Mineral Earth", which is a gorgeous almost army green shimmery shade, but it´s surprisingly wearable, and trust me, I too am afraid of colours.

Lancomé Hypnose Drama mascara
I did get off to a bit of a rocky start with this one. Well not exactly rocky, I did like it, but I didn´t love it. But now, I do love it. The wand took me some time to get used to, but now I am not looking back. This is my second all time favourite mascara (next to the YSL ofcourse).

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams 
I cannot get enough of these. They are so comfortable on the lips, perfect inbetween of a gloss and a lipstick. My favourite shade of the moment is Buenos Aires, which is a gorgeous peachy-pinky nude shade. Love!

H&M nail polish  
I know you can´t really the see the shade all too well, but the shade is called "Cloudburst" and it´s a gorgeous opaque grey colour. I will include a screenshot of the photo they have of it on their website. I love the applicators, the finish and chipping wise, it isn´t too bad. Lasted about 3 days on my nails and mind you, I do A LOT of laundry and dish washing. Bonus, I play a lot with play-doh.

Rimmel Salon PRO nail polish by Kate
This has been a favourite polish of mine for a really long time. I have the shade "Soul Session" which is from their range with Kate Moss, and it is one of the most stunning colours I have ever seen. It´s the perfect nude shade for my skin tone. Love!

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
Everyone and their moms have this perfume and everyone and their moms love this perfume. Well, I loved it back when I first got it, I hated it for sometime because everyone was using it and the scent was everywhere. But now, after not having smelled it for a really long time, I sprayed it on myself one morning and I loved it again. I´m normally attracted to deeper scents, I´m not a massive fan of floral and fresh perfumes, but for some reason, this works.

Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
Everyone on the internet went crazy for this mask, but I didn´t get the original milky piggy version. Mine is by a brand called BIOAQUA, but this does do an amazing job. I didn´t think much of it when I first tried it, I guess I kind of thought of this as a bit of a hoax product - you get the fun application and the cool carbonated feeling of it, but I didn´t expect it to do much to my skin. Oh boy, I was in for a big surprise. My skin had never felt so soft, smooth and clean. Highly recommend!

NARS blush 
Confession time, I have never owned a blush before this one. But I bought this on whim, I liked the colour in the pan and when I got home I realized what a horrible mistake I´ve made. I, a total blush virgin, bought pretty much the boldest colour I saw. But over time, I have come to love it. You need a light hand (sometimes I still manage to look a bit like a clown) and it´s magic. The shade I have is desire.

What have you guys been loving?

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