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BOOK REVIEW: "Grandpa is flying in a Spaceship" by Shosh Carmel

 I recently got the opportunity to review this book and the moment I saw it had arrived, I almost jumped with joy. I love children´s books. I think books are such an important part about growing up, so I try to read to Klaus as much as he will listen (not very good at that) or at least let him look at the pictures and describe them. But in our very modern world with technology, fitting books in there can be quite difficult, which is where Kindle comes in to help us out and the one I got to review, is the Kindle edition. This is super handy, because you can take the book anywhere and everywhere with you, even your phone if you download the Kindle app.

 Now onto the book itself. "Grandpa is flying in a Spaceship" follows little Mick, who has a very special bond with his grandpa. The two spend a lot of time together and Mick loves his grandpas stories. So one night, when grandpa doesn´t show, Mick is left feeling confused, sad and even angry at one point. The grandfather had died suddenly. Mick´s mum tried to comfort him the best she could, but in the end grandmother steps in and explains to little Mick in the most beautiful way, what happened and why grandpa won´t be telling him any of his famous stories anymore.

 Right now, Klaus is still very young (2 and a half years old), but the older he gets, I think this book is a beautiful way of explaining life and death to children. It´s not frightening, it´s beautifully illustrated, which I´m sure will take away some of the sadness of the topic and help children come to terms with what has happened and why.

All in all, I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to review this book and I recommend it highly to everyone with children. This would also make a really nice and thoughtful small gift. CLICK HERE to check the book out.

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