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 Hello lovelies!

Today, I just felt like sitting down and having a bit of a chat with you all. I have no real topics to discuss (well actually I do, but I need to take photos for that and I have had zero time, learn why on tomorrows post).
First of all, I would like to ask you, are there any topics you would like for me to discuss on my blog? Because while I do make beauty, cooking, fashion posts, mostly, this is just my little space on the internet, where I like to document what I do, feel and think. And at the moment, I feel tired, I look forward to drinking some much needed bubbly and watching Midsomer Murders. The ultimate chill out.
 As of lately, I have been really getting back into Damian Marley´s music. I listen to music of all genres, LITERALLY, but a song I have been loving recently is called "There for You" /click me/. I love the lyrics and that song just makes me feel happy.
 I have now also read Esteé LaLonde´s book "Bloom" cover to cover and all in all, I did like it. I did have some negative feelings going into it, but it was actually a really good read and I am thinking about doing a book review on that.

PS; A quick mention to my scarf. IT is the most cozy, amazing, warm thing on this planet and I plan on living in this.

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