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Sunday thoughts

 This week has been a hectic one. The older rugrat was feeling very poorly on monday, had a fever and the smaller rugrat had some serious gas pains as a result for a medication I took (was very crossed with my doctor for that one), so I slept for probably about 4 hours in 3 days. Was feeling like a total zombie. But on wednesday, I decided to hell with it all, and took the smaller rugrat out on a walk in her stroller. Nothing unusual about that at all, but normally I avoid shopping centers. Mainly because I am terrified of "what if she starts crying and everyone will look at me and judge me?". But I had a thought. That thought was "so what?!". I needed new clothes and more than that, I needed retail therapy. Caffeine didn´t work on me anymore (I suspect I am immune), I couldn´t sleep, the house was a mess, everything was making me angry and I just needed some goddamn retail therapy. So I went for it. And you know what? She didn´t cry. Not once. I L O V E I T. It´s the small victories in life people..
I went into a store called Takko. A finnish brand I believe, and I don´t normally shop there too much, but it´s the only decent store in the shopping centre closest to me so I went in and they had a massive sale going on. 50% off every item that´s already in the sales so I got some amazing deals. I got my son 5 t-shirts for 2€ (can you believe that?) and 2 hats for 1€. I got a super cute star print (YAAAS!!!) hat for myself (for 2€ again), a long sleeved shirt/sweatshirt for 4€ and some star print sweatpants for 10€. Amazing deals! I could not be happier.

 Another thing that has made me happy this week is how the smaller rugrat is finally starting to acknowledge when I talk to her. She used to make eye contact with me before, but this week she has started to actually giggle when I talk to her and it just melts my heart.

 The bigger rugrat makes me smile every single morning when he wakes up in a brilliant mood, even when he was so poorly ill.
 On thursday evening I was going through my closet (decluttering) and I found so many amazing dresses that made me feel like a million dollars and not the tired-always-grumpy-where-the-f-is-my-coffee-mom and I loved that feeling. Can´t wait for the weather to be warmer now and occasions to actually wear those dresses to. Also, finally got my nails painted and I am loving every second of it and trying to constantly shove my nails in peoples faces. I went for a polish by the Rimmel Salon Pro range in the shade "Soul Session" and it´s such a beautiful nudey-pink.

 On friday morning I was awake bright and early to work on a secret project and that meant I had to do all my daily cooking super early. Hello sausage pies for breakfast, yummy rice-chicken curry and carrot cake for dessert. Food is my truest love in life. Also, I saw sunshine! Yes, sunshine! I could not believe it at first, thought I was hallucinating from all the blood in my caffeine stream but not so at all!

The weekend has been a quiet, slow, but really nice one. Evening strolls, face masks, cuddles with the tiny ones and a little too much chicken pot pie. Just the way I like it.

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