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No more promise, no more sorrow, no longer will I follow

... I just want to beeeeeee me! I shout/sing on the top of my lungs to one of my all-time favourite songs "Mayonaise" by the Smashing Pumpkins while curling up into bed wearing my fleecy pajamas from the year 2007. Yes, to be me, mostly represents wanting to be sluggish all day, but with 2 little rugrats it´s quite impossible. What also seems impossible to me, is wearing real clothes and not pajamas all day. So today, I am sharing my current wishlist of pajamas/loungewear. I found all of these on the next website and now I need help and someone to hide my credit card from me.


 First of all, as of lately, I am obsessed with anything that has a star print on it. I blame Fleur for this. I am obsessed with everything that woman does/says and her love of stars has started to rub off on me. And grey with pink is one of my all time favourite colour combinations. Eeeeek! I need this!
 The hoodie is just perfect for two reasons - hoodies are probably the most comfortable piece of clothing known to mankind and secondly, it says sunday on the front. Everyday is like sunday.. hello, anyone?? Just me? Okay.
 Bathrobes are something I just got obsessed with after getting an absolutely stunning one from Christmas and I love it so so much that I think I need another one. I have got my eye on this gorgeous one with swans. So cute!
 The final pajama set is so simple yet so cute and me. I love the colours and something about it just screams comfort.
 And do I even need to explain the slippers? One of them are grey, my favourite colour? Check! Star print on the bottom? Check! Can it get any cuter, you ask me? Why yes, yes it can. Let´s just take a quick look at the bottom ones. Pink, again, one of my favourite colours? Check. Pom poms? Check.

 Now someone, for the love of god, write me a check.

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