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How to never (or not as often) be late again

 I was trying to think of a deep intro for this post, something along the lines of "what is time? It´s just a made up concept, so in reality, you are never late for anything" which I mean.. does work on a level, but probably not a good or valid excuse for showing up late to work or a date. While being late has never been a problem for me personally, I´m the one who always arrives 30 minutes early (a gift my mother has passed onto me), my best friend could surely use a few tips (looking at you Kadri).

 Ever since I became a mom almost 3 years ago (no, I refuse to believe it was 3 years ago.. enter more of "what even is time?" nonsense here) I did realize that sometimes, it is tricky to get everything done in 24 hours. Especially if you have work in the morning, which I did. And the mornings when my son was up before me and I had to do my make-up with one hand and hold him with the other while mentally preparing my outfit were not fun. Even more not fun when he decided to grab the mascara wand, spill my coffee on me or get his breakfast in my hair. So I needed to become an organized person. An actual adult you see. Someone who has got their shit together. So here´s what I did.

1. Plan your outfits early. 
 My night time routine usually included laying my full outfit out on my bedside, so the next morning all I had to do was put it on. My brain does not function in the early morning hours and trying to find an outfit from my massive wardrobe (I own over 200 dresses fyi, I do not fuck around when I say massive) would be a suicide attempt. But since I know myself well enough, that after I´ve had 2 12 hour work days behind me, I always got home so tired that I just collapsed into bed, sometimes the outfit planning didn´t happen and that resulted in chaos. So what I did was I planned 3 foolproof outfits that sit in my closet for those occasions when I am in a hurry or just not in the mood to find anything.

2. Pack your lunch the night before and/or meal-prep. 
 One thing is packing your lunch for work the next day, which is very important, I agree, but a whole other level of important is meal prepping even for just the next day. I am not someone who meal preps a whole lot, but when I have more time on my hands and I know that the few next days are going to be chaotic, I do whatever I can, to make my cooking faster and easier the next day. I chop up vegetables, defrost everything and cooking is a whole lot less annoying.

3. Eat your breakfast on the go. 
 If you can manage to wake up early enough to have a nice hot cup of coffee, listen to music, meditate, have a 7 course breakfast and relax in the morning, good for you. If you don´t, then don´t grab a granola bar and call it breakfast. This is based on my previous point, prepare your breakfast early and if you don´t even have time to eat anything, make a smoothie. All you have to do is pre-make a bag full of fruits you wanna use, throw that in the freezer. In the morning, take it out, throw it in the blender, add a liquid of your choice and boom, it´s done. Put it in a travel mug and sip your breakfast on your way.

4. Keep your make-up clean and simple. 
Babygirl, I cannot stress this enough. Do not try to make a winged eyeliner look when you´re already 15 minutes late. Put on some mascara, a lipgloss or a nice nude lipstick, brush your brows and you are good to go. 

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