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Dreaming of lipsticks

lipstick dreaming

 If there´s one beauty product that always makes me feel like I´ve really, really made an effort it´s lipstick. It´s just something about it. And whenever I see lipstick on someone else, I think to myself "wow.. you really took the time?". So after making my last post on beauty products that saved my life, I decided to share 2 of my current wishes beauty wise. 

 Lancomé Juicy Shakers are so hyped on about that I guess I really am late to hop on the bandwagon, but I didn´t really get too excited when they launched. I did think it was a good idea and the sponge applicator did appeal to me at first, but not enough to make me actually pick one up. But as I was having one of my dangerous online-windowshopping evenings, I stumbled upon this shade and I fell in love. I do love my rosy-nude colours.
 Mac Liptensity range on the other hand, I did get really excited for the launch of it and this colour speaks to me on a spiritual level. I swatched it on my hand in store one early morning before running to my dentist appointment and I haven´t got it out of my mind since. The shade is called "Smoked almond" and something tells me my bank account is gonna be smoking soon too. 

 What are your current beauty wishes? 

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