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Cashmere love affair

Ooh cashmere, how I love it. The luxe feeling of it and how warm it keeps me. In the past, whenever I heard people talking about their love for a certain material, I didn´t think much of it. My H&M jumpers did me just fine and that was that. But it all changed when about 2 years ago, I got my hands on my very first cashmere jumper that I still love and wear today. It´s an ivory, cable knit, v-neck jumper, very figure hugging and very loved. But like an addict, I need more.. I crave more. I have been dreaming of a cashmere jumper, but this time without the v neck perhaps.. and more slouchy for a more chilled out vibe.
 I headed over to the nordstrom website and these caught my eye. Have a look.
cashmere affair

From the left: 

I have always loved stripes and probably always will. But I am a bit.. uncertain I´d say if I would buy a cashmere sweater with stripes. I mean, they are pricey (230€ for this one) and I would want it to go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe (hence the neutral colours) and while nautical stripes are a neutral in the world accoring to me, I am worried about prints clashing. Other than that, I DO love this one very much. /by a brand called Vince.

I think this one has got to be my favourite out of them all. I love how oversized and effortless this look and I can already see myself living in this. Would look lovely with a shirt underneath it and over some skinny jeans with some boots.. or even boyfriend jeans with loafers.. or even dresses.. oh my, I am in over my head, aren´t I.. but why I don´t think this is the one, is the fact that it looks a bit.. I don´t know how to put it. A bit too relaxed? For 415€ I want it to look luxe while also looking effortless, but this just looks effortless. Catch my drift? /also by a brand called Vince. 

This one is a wool & cashmere blend, which makes me a bit worried. Is it gonna be itchy? But at the same time.. wool & cashmere blended sounds like wearing a warm cup of tea on your body. I like the idea of that. Another thing I am not 100% sold on is the neckline of this, but I do really like the overall fit of it. Shame it doesn´t come in more colours than blue and white. /also by a brand called Vince. 

I love a good roll neck jumper, but for some reason I find the roll neck on this one a bit odd. Don´t know how it would actually look like on, but on the pictures, I don´t love it. On the other hand, this one would keep your neck warm as well, which is just like icing on an already amazing cake. BUT! This is also a blend of wool & cashmere, so again. Worried about the itchy factor of it. This one is priced at 517€ and is by a brand called rag&bone. 

I love this one a lot, but again, I just have to find a few things to complain about. Firstly, it´s another v-neck, so I would surely not be getting this, because it would just be a bit too similar to one that I already have and while I do like the oversized fit of this, I find it a tad bit short. It´s just that awkward length - it´s not long enough to cover up the bum completely but it´s not short enough to tuck it in to jeans without getting too bulky. This one is also by rag&bone.

Oh well. The search continues for the perfect one.

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  1. I just love cashmere jumpers, so cozy and warm xoxo