In 2016 2017 kylie jenner realizing worst blogger

And the worst blogger of 2016 award goes to..

 You guessed it! It goes to me. I have attention span of a 2 year old (not too brilliant) and every time the idea of blog post crosses my mind, I´m in the middle of doing something (either feeding one of my two rugrats or burping one of them) and so it goes. But hey, it´s the beginning of a new year and maybe, just maybe I´ll make it work for this time.

 New Years resolutions have never really been my thing. Eat healthy? Doing it most of the time and all those, who know me in real life.. I know what you´re wondering and the answer is yes, I have kicked my addiction to energy drinks. Get fit? That´s never gonna happen anyway. Or so I thought.

 After giving birth this time (12th of December 2016) I have lost so much weight. While I do like the idea of losing weight, the reality.. let´s just say I have mixed emotions. It just seems that I´m losing it from all the wrong places and on top of that, I now have nothing wear.

 I´ve been a size L in most stores I guess, but I´ve always loved my clothes to fit quite loosely, so mostly everything I own, is atleast an XL. And now, I think I´m between sizes (dare I say it.. ) S and M. Since the rugrats don´t really let me leave the house and shop much (damn you breastfeeding and cold weather), I´ve been doing a lot of online windowshopping. And this will be a place for me to share all my discoveries with you.

 Let´s realize and discover together. (too late to make that joke?)

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